Exercise is good for health

A person’s brain capacity may be relatively larger for each additional hour of proper physical exercise time, at least not in accordance with the current guidelines for physical exercise sooner or later. Sports may be beneficial to delaying the aging of the brain, the amount is relatively low, it is easier to achieve the summary of intensity and quantity can be achieved through sports.

The team did not know how much exercise was needed to prevent dementia, but suggested that at least 250 minutes of exercise a week could help the brain in a variety of ways, including improving blood flow and the body’s sleep science, which found that people who often did aerobic exercise, such as Speaking of running, swimming and cycling can exercise their exciting function, so that our cardiovascular get good exercise is more conducive to promoting the health of the brain.

In addition, the hippo-campus, which controls learning and emotion, and the prefrontal cortex and mesotempal cortex, which affect thinking and memory, are larger for the body to achieve better health. Regular exercise can improve sleep quality and relieve physical and mental stress. These two points will have a positive response to mental health and thinking ability. Any exercise, even less than two hours a week, is enough to accumulate and bring great benefits to our body.

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