3 tips you should remember before jumping rope

Now when we recall childhood, the wandering in our memory is all beautiful, because when we were young, not only did we have a lot of delicious snacks, but also many small partners, we often played games together, like skipping rope is one of the things we often play. And in the physical education class, the teacher will also arrange for everyone to play rope skipping, because this is a very healthy exercise, can help us exercise muscles, we can skip the rope to lose weight!

According to statistics, continuous skipping for 60 minutes can consume about 1300 calories, but continuous skipping for 60 minutes is more difficult for the average person, because the time for skipping is maintained at around 15 minutes. After scientific calculations, people found that the calories burned for 15 minutes are similar to the calories burned for half an hour, which means that the fat burning level of the skipping rope is higher. If the weight-loss person insists on it every day, the excess fat can be consumed. Off, but skipping is also to remember some details. Skipping rope weight loss is good, but please remember 3 words before jumping rope, the weight will fall faster!

In order to achieve weight loss by skipping rope, the choice of time is also very important. Many people like to skip rope before or after meals. The reason is that skipping before eating can effectively suppress appetite and reduce calorie intake. Skipping can help digestion of food, but in fact, whether it is before or after meals, you should avoid strenuous exercise, so as not to affect the digestive function of the stomach, and if you exercise vigorously before meals, it will promote metabolism, but let you feel More hungry, you will eat too much if you are not careful. Therefore, the skipping rope is preferably carried out one hour after the meal.

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