Why can’t i see my weight loss result by keeping doing exercise?

Nowadays, in order to obtain higher profits, many merchants add excessive amounts of sugar and oil to the food, which makes the food more delicious, and it is also more likely to make people mad. But the calories of sugar and oil are relatively high. After eating these foods, a lot of calories in the body are often not consumed in time, so they are stored in the body and become fat.

Although you insist on exercising every day, the calories you consume are just the heat of a cup of coffee. And you have to eat so much food every day, the calories of these foods are not exhausted, so they become fat accumulation in the body, which is one of the reasons why exercise is still not thin.

Many people advocate that during the weight loss period, they must eat less and eat more meals, that is, eat more meals every day, so that the diet consumed by each meal is very small, so that the calorie intake can be digested in time, there will not be too much leftover. , it will not grow meat.

However, in fact, many people have only made a lot of meals when they are eating less and eating more meals, and the amount of food or calories eaten by each meal has not decreased. This results in more food intake per day than the normal three meals a day, and the amount of calories stored in the body increases. How can you lose weight?

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