Why are you always unsuccessful in losing weight?

In fact, although it is not easy to lose weight, but it is clear that the main core is to understand that understanding to solve this problem? To know this, we can take some steps, in today’s article we will introduce a basic step beginners should know how to lose weight!

Actually, I think Step 0 can be used as a starting point. Before deciding anything, you need to answer the question. Do you really want to lose weight? Or you just need to lose a little and increase your muscles. If your average body fat is not higher than the standard, 20% for men and 28% for women, then your weight is not that important at all.

Your goal is simply to change and restructure your body. While losing fat, exercising muscles doesn’t want to change the body on a large scale. In today’s article, we won’t go into detail about body regrouping. If you have time to read other articles, and you will turn to this topic more deeply in the future, let’s assume that you are not coming for body restructuring, but for weight loss.

It’s not surprising, but the first step is to lose weight: the type of food you eat, any secret about it, throw away all the junk foods that are highly processed, sugary and fatty, full of high-density calories, but in important elements like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and Fiber and so on are relatively low.

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