3 kinds of sports that fat is most afraid of

Compared with air, the resistance of water is much greater. No matter what position the swimming stroke needs to overcome the resistance of the water to the body to achieve the purpose of swimming forward, swimming consumes fat very strongly. At the same time swimming, our body stretches as much as possible, and the whole body coordinates. Compared with running, swimming can make the body more symmetrical and shape the beautiful body curve. For qualified friends, you can swim for about half an hour every day, not only can burn fat quickly, lose weight, but also improve the cardiopulmonary function.

For those who are too tired to work, and who don’t want to go out, skipping is a sport that allows them to lose weight efficiently without leaving home. Compared with previous tests, the amount of heat consumed by skipping rope for half an hour is almost equivalent to one hour of jogging. Therefore, skipping is not only simple and convenient, but also fat burning. However, it should be noted that the pre-preparation of skipping weight loss should be done well. The action of skipping rope requires us to move all over the body, but if the rope is too light, the arm that could have been thin may not be able to exercise, so choose a suitable one for yourself. Skipping is very important.

The intensity of yoga-consuming fat is actually inferior to other sports, but the shaping effect is excellent. For people who are not too heavy, but because the fluffy fluffy people are more fat, doing yoga can help improve; if you don’t pay attention to stretching and relaxation after exercise, the muscles will become uneven, and yoga can help adjust. Shape a better figure. Therefore, people who lose weight can do a little yoga exercise after doing some high-efficiency fat burning exercise, and have a good curve at the same time.

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