It is best to lose weight how much calories you consume per day.

Since too much heat will make people fat, then, is the heat less, the faster you lose? The answer is “wrong.” A long-term low-calorie diet will cause the body to exert a natural mechanism of epidemic prevention because it does not meet the basic needs of human physiological activities, reducing the body’s basal metabolic rate, which causes the body’s basic physiological activities to slow down and consume calories. cut back. Therefore, many people who diet and lose weight will find that even if they eat very little, their weight will become more and more difficult to fall!

In fact, the right amount of calorie intake in the daily diet, coupled with the use of certain aerobic exercise to promote metabolism, is the right way to lose weight. This not only does not have to be hungry due to excessive low-calorie diet, but also accelerates the excretion of toxins in the body due to the exuberant metabolism, and the fat is also burned.

So, how much calorie is consumed every day is the “right amount” – the best balance for dieters? To get this answer, we must step by step to understand various terms such as BMR, REE, and find the correct calorie prescription for ourselves by finding the daily calories required by the activity coefficient.

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