4 basics to understand before losing weight

This may be the dream of many dieters. They all hope that they will not rebound after losing weight. They have the body to lose weight. Many businesses that use weight loss also use this promotion to sell their products.

This may be clearly said to be non-existent. The formation of fat is actually the excess energy you consume. Fat is also a necessary substance for the human body. You can understand that storing fat in the human body is actually a small pocket, and the fat is contained inside.

You can consume fat by exercise or reduce calorie intake. You consume excess fat and you become thinner, but you can’t take the whole “pocket” away. If you lose weight, you still indulge yourself. With too much calories, you will still get fat.

Permanent weight loss does not exist. If weight loss does not rebound, you can only maintain a reasonable diet, and a certain amount of exercise can maintain a calorie balance. Isn’t there a sentence? “It is easy to fight the mountains and rivers, and it is difficult to keep the mountains.” The same is true for weight loss. It is easy to lose weight, and it is the time to keep your body.

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