It’s time to lose weight in fall

Obesity has a time rhythm throughout the year. Under the influence of the natural climate, under the control of the biological clock, the body fat and thin is fluctuating and not constant during the year, showing the law of summer thin and fat winter.

In summer, the weather is hot, sweating is more, sleep is less, the appetite is diminished, the metabolism of fat cells in the body is accelerated, the energy consumption is large, and the human body will lose weight. In the autumn, the weather becomes gradually refreshed, the sweat will decrease, the water and salt metabolism in the body will return to balance, the digestive function will return to normal, and people’s appetite will recover from the summer’s downturn, and energy metabolism is relatively stable. And the autumn climate is pleasant, sleep is better than summer, and the calories burned by the body are reduced accordingly.

In addition, in order to welcome the arrival of winter, the body will actively store a certain proportion of fat, fat cells gradually accumulate to prevent heat from spreading, in order to maintain the role of heat preservation. At this time, the body will consume significantly more calories than the calories consumed, and the body weight will gradually increase.

Therefore, strengthening weight loss in autumn can effectively prevent fat cells from “regaining moisture” and inhibit weight gain. At present, there are endless ways to lose weight, but many people are still obese year after year. This is because people have neglected a weight loss method that is slow but very effective, simple and easy, without any side effects, that is, the biological clock loses weight.

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