Effective weight loss persistence is the key

The control of diet is always the premise of effective weight loss, so we have to maintain a basically stable and not excessive calorie intake in the process of losing weight. In other words, how to make your low-calorie food intake last longer? The answer is to eat the food you like and choose the food you like with lower calories. This will help us resist the temptation of food and control calorie intake.

We know that in the process of fat reduction and shaping, boiled chicken breast and boiled broccoli can be said to be the standard for fat-reduced meals, but the problem is that we can eat it, even if we can eat it. Long-term eating can only be done. And when we insist on boiled all the diet structure in the next period, we can’t stand it, our psychology is very collapsed, which will allow us to shift from controlling diet to over-controlling the diet.

Therefore, if you choose the food you like and have lower calories in this process, you will satisfy our psychological needs to a certain extent and let the control of the diet persist for a long time.

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