Eating fruit like this is the best way to lose weight

If you simply eat fruit for a long time to lose weight, it is also easy to lead to the lack of some other nutrients. For example, the most basic protein, such as B vitamins and some fat soluble vitamins, and even the lack of mineral iron. To a large extent, these nutrient deficiencies will affect our normal working and learning state, lead to decreased immunity, memory, and even lead to some chronic diseases (hyperglycemia, diabetes) when the time is longer.

If your gastrointestinal function is normal, if you do not have problems such as excessive gastric acid and atrophic gastritis, it is suggested that you can drink fruits appropriately before meals, so that you can reduce the intake of some staple and non-staple foods in your meals, occupy a part of the stomach volume, and play a role in promoting weight loss properly.

Using fruit to replace some bread, biscuits and other foods that we eat everyday, or rice, noodles and other staple foods that we eat most, is actually good for weight loss. In addition, the intake of appropriate amount of fruit is also good for the prevention of fatty liver, gout, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases. Compared with those white rice noodles, eating appropriate amount of fruit can provide more abundant Mineral potassium, magnesium, cellulose, polyphenols and other antioxidants.

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