end of the strike which will have cost more than 2 billion dollars

The UAW reported that 57 percent of GM employees approved the draft agreement submitted to them, ending a 40-day strike, the longest in the history of the US automobile since the 1970s General Motors management has agreed to improve the salary and social conditions of the contracts and promised additional investments and jobs in the group’s US operations.

UAW and Ford, the second largest US automaker, will begin talks Monday, the union said. Earlier this month, the group and the union reported “significant progress” on a number of topics on the agenda. Unlike GM, Ford did not announce an intention to close factories, but group leaders pointed out that the construction of future electric vehicles required 30% fewer hours of work compared to motor cars. thermal, a message that worries the UAW.

The UAW-GM agreement now ratified for four years, employees have returned to work Saturday, ending a strike that will cost the first US car maker more than two billion dollars and prevented 300,000 vehicles out of chains . GM will try to catch up with some of this production in the coming months. Several equipment manufacturers were also affected by the movement, as in France Faurecia or Valeo.

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