What do you actually need to do real fitness?

Fitness has become a fashion and a gym everywhere. People are more and more popular. It has even become a new era of online red card punching place. But the ultimate goal of fitness is to make yourself healthier and more refined. But after so long, is your physical condition better? Has the figure really changed? Many people have the situation of “pseudo fitness”, or they don’t know the fitness knowledge at all. If you look at what other people train, you can do what you do. In fact, each person has different training purposes and different training items. Then what should be done for real fitness must be done carefully as follows to have a more perfect self.

In the state of not warming up at ordinary times, the body seems to work in a semi dormant state, especially for people who don’t often train at ordinary times, the strength is not enough, the coordination of the body is poor, and the strength or speed is suddenly increased, which is extremely easy to cause muscle strain, even sprain. Through some chronic actions, the body is heated up, such as jogging and some simple stretching and exciting actions. The purpose of invigorating the body’s muscles so that blood can flow more intensively into the muscles is to meet the challenge of higher intensity next, so as to achieve the effect of improving sports performance.

The intensity of exercise is moderate or moderate, but not “aerobic exercise”. The standard is heart rate. The amount of exercise with heart rate maintained at 150 times / minute is aerobic exercise, which is characterized by low intensity, rhythm and long duration. Each exercise is required to take no less than 30 minutes, such as fast walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and so on. We eat every day. Substance, converted into glycogen, fat, protein, aerobic exercise is like a combustion supporting agent, which can fully burn these substances in the body and achieve the purpose of reducing fat. Because it needs a lot of breathing air, it exercises the heart and lung function, enhances the vital capacity and heart function, and makes people keep more fresh.

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