Concern for Real site at Rudolf Diesel Road

As the Dax moved down 0.34 percent today, Wirecard finished trading at 1.32% in the lower third of the DAX in 25th place. Munich Financial Services is currently 33.22 percent below its 52 Week high, which was 170.55 euros. The 52-week low of the stock was 86.20 euros.

On a turnover of 30.21 million euros, the stock came to the close. Securities worth € 30.21 million were also traded on the day before.

All freely tradable Wirecard shares currently have a value of 18,198.00 million euros. This takes account of the free float market capitalization of the Munich financial services provider with a weighting of 1.58% in index formation. For comparison: The highest market value in the DAX currently has SAP with a market capitalization of 134,908.00 million euros.

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