Are you easy to rebound after losing weight?

For people who lose weight, the happiest thing every day is to see the number on the scale go down. Losing weight is a very hard road. Because everyone’s physique is different, some people may lose weight quickly, and some people may not see the effect. So, for those who have lost weight successfully, who […]

Fruit has become a snack substitute for many people

Apple contains a lot of vitamins, malic acid, can promote the accumulation of fat in the human body decomposition, often eating apple can prevent obesity. In diet and weight loss, there must be a full but low calorie food, and tomato is one of them. Because 95% of tomato is water, which is delicious and […]

It’s hard for some people to lose weight by taking fruit

The water content of fruit is generally between 70-90%. Meanwhile, it contains proper amount of vitamins, minerals and Polyphemus, which can give the body certain resistance, such as reducing cardiovascular disease, digestive tract disease, etc., but the protein and fat needed by the human body are less. Replacing the staple food for a long time […]

New research says coffee may be a good helper for weight loss

The body’s body fat is divided into white and brown. White fat is mainly used to store energy and is related to obesity. Brown fat can promote the body to consume sugar and white fat to generate heat to cope with cold and other conditions. Enhancing the activity of brown fat helps control blood sugar […]