New research says coffee may be a good helper for weight loss

The body’s body fat is divided into white and brown. White fat is mainly used to store energy and is related to obesity. Brown fat can promote the body to consume sugar and white fat to generate heat to cope with cold and other conditions. Enhancing the activity of brown fat helps control blood sugar and blood lipid levels, and also helps lose weight. In their related stem cell research, they found that caffeine can stimulate brown fat, and then think about the brown fat changes in the body after drinking coffee.

The human neck has more brown fat. The researchers asked the subjects to drink a cup of coffee and then use thermal imaging to scan their necks. The brown fat area did become hotter and more active. Michael Symonds, a researcher and professor at the University of Nottingham in the UK, said that this is the first time that human trials have shown that drinking a cup of coffee has a direct impact on the function of the body’s brown fat.

He said that further research is needed on which ingredients in coffee have an effect on brown fat, and whether there are other active ingredients besides caffeine. Since obesity is an increasingly serious health problem in modern society, relevant research results can be used for weight management and blood sugar regulation to help people fight diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

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