It’s hard for some people to lose weight by taking fruit

The water content of fruit is generally between 70-90%. Meanwhile, it contains proper amount of vitamins, minerals and Polyphemus, which can give the body certain resistance, such as reducing cardiovascular disease, digestive tract disease, etc., but the protein and fat needed by the human body are less. Replacing the staple food for a long time will cause nutritional imbalance and high incidence of anaemia.

Some people will get fat if they eat fruit, and the probability is very high. For example, in the standard watermelon in summer, the sugar content is about 8%, and each kilogram of watermelon contains 80g of sugar, which is equivalent to the carbon and water content of a bowl of rice. Moreover, we usually eat it in the most comfortable way (scooping watermelon), and we can eat more than half of it, which is the heat of several bowls of rice. Therefore, although fruit is OK, don’t be greedy.

In addition, fruit should not be placed as snacks after meals, but should be placed before meals, to avoid eating fruit after the rise of blood sugar after meals, resulting in a further rise in blood sugar, resulting in excessive calories.

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